“Certified environmental quality“

The natural environment in which the trout of the Carè Alto Trout Farm grow and live is that found at the foot of the Adamello-Brenta National Park: a territory rich in streams, lakes and rivers that are the home of some of the most valued fishing species. Descending the Sarca river park following the water course that leads from the Brenta Dolomites to Lake Garda, you reach the 46°Parallel trout farm. For many trout farms the River Sarca is not just a water course, a section of a route, but a connection, a union with the territory, a synergy that preserves and enhances the natural biodiversity of the surrounding environment. To make the return trip at the foot of “Carè Alto”, it’s sufficient to let yourself be swept along by the Ora, the warm wind coming from Lake Garda.

“Carè Alto” and “46°parallelo” are farms in which the quality, temperature and oxygenation of the water make the environment ideal for trout. The difference between the climatic zones of the two sites guarantees environmental conditions at different temperatures, which influence the rate of growth of the trout and benefit both the quality of the product and the possibility of obtaining different sizes in every season.